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11/26/15-Swtor Companion Buff and Other Fixes Revealed in Patch Notes 4.0.2a

Facing the ongoing uproar involving the nerf on swtor companion, Bioware has finally worked out a way to make balance by buffing the companions a bit. Details were updated in game patch notes 4.0.2a with some other updates like fixing corpse issue and Legacy Bank entry from first tab etc. 

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11/23/15-Customer Announcement on Nov.24

Dear customers, sorry, our live help staff have currently left to enjoy our whole company’s hot spring event. It will take 13 hours from GMT 00:00 a.m.-01:00 p.m. If you have placed orders on our site during this period, please contact us later. Thanks for your patience, understanding and supports! Awfully Sorry for the Delay!

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11/21/15-Check out the Process of Swtor Companion Changes from Nerf to Buff

In recent days, swtor forums, reddit and other social media are heated due to the controversial nerf on companions after patch 4.0.2. Now the latest news has come out as that Bioware will take some actions to buff companions a bit to make a balance next Monday. Check out of the whole process of companion "storm" till now.

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11/18/15-Buy Cheap Swtor Credits to Strengthen the Nerfed Companions in Swtor 4.0

Companions have been nerfed in swtor 4.0 to get reduced base stats. As a result, the missions and solo flashpoints will be harder. In this case, cheap swtor credits with fast delivery on Sw-tor-credits may help you to out of the challenge.

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