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Purchase Swtor Credits and Cartel Coins for the Free-to-Play Option in Swtor


The news that swtor will launch Free-to-Play option in the game attract so many players’ eyes. We talk about the game for free have a long time, and for the Free-to-Play update and Cartel Coins and you have earned, do you feel happy for that? And you can use swtor credits to buy Cartel Coins to enjoy the game well. For more information about Cartel Coins, you can see the detail as follow:

What is Cartel Coins?

Carter Coins is a new swtor virtual currency that used for the Cartel Market. You can use Cartel Coins to purchase swtor items including customizable gear and convenience features that will increase the game play experience. If you still have active game time on your account at the launch of Free-to-Play, the Cartel Coins you have earned will be automatically credited to your in-game wallet. And with the launch of Free to Play, you will be able to spend your Cartel Coins through the in-game storefront.

How and when can you spend Cartel Coins?

Once the Free-to-Play option is available, as long as you have game time remaining on your account, the coins that are currently visible in your Ledger will become available for you to spend. With the launch of Free-to-Play, you will be able to spend your Cartel Coins through the in-game storefront.

Can you use swtor credits to buy Cartel Coins?

Cartel Coins can be used to claim unique items that won’t be available any other way, so what should you do if you lack of Cartel Coins? Take it easy! Cartel Coins will also be available for purchase by swtor credits. Whenever you want to buy credits swtor, sw-tor-credits is always has an unlocked door just waiting for you to open it.

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Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold.
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