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I'm buying swtor credits here for few times. The customer service is very great.

user Mar 15, 2017 - Samuel King

Fast cheap credits for swtor for me. Received in 10 minutes. Will come back again.

user Feb 27, 2017 - Mark Tien

Buy swtor gold for the first time, the order was completed very quickly. Good job!

user Feb 15, 2017 - Vernon

Every time I buy cheap swtor credits from this site, they are quick and efficient. Highly recommend it!

user Feb 8, 2017 - Anselm

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  • Swtor Tait Watson Leaving Bioware & Swtor 5.2 PTS Invites Gone Out

    Time: 02/09/17

    Tait Watson is leaving Bioware at the end of February 2017 and moving to California. When bidding farewell to Tait, Eric Musco announces that a wave of PTS invites have been sent off. If you are invited for Swtor 5.2 Closed PTS, you will see an NDA to sign for further instructions. Trait Waston is leaving Bioware and moving to CaliforniaTrait Waston, a constructor of Swtor, is leaving Bioware at the end...

  • New Year, New Membership: 2x Reward Points for Sw-tor-credits Members

    Time: 12/30/16

    Huge news! New member system has been launched on Sw-tor-credits. That means, more privileges and  special offers will be able to give out only for members. And the first special offers to Sw-tor-credits members – 2x reward points – will hit the shelves from Jan 9 to 16, 2017. Double Reward Points available in a limited timeFrom January 9 to January 16, 2017, we will host Double Reward Points for members. That...

  • New Year, New Deal: 5% Free Bonus & 8% Discount Both for Swtor Credits

    Time: 12/24/16

    December has arrived and 2016 begin fading away. But it is not an sorrowful moment, but a new start. To help all swtor players a new start in 2017, Sw-tor-credits team will have cheapest swtor credits for sale with 5% free bonus and extra 8% discount. Buy cheapest swtor credits with 5% free bonus on Sw-tor-credits From December 31, 2016 to February 4, 2017, Sw-tor-credits team will offer 5% free bonus for...

  • Time to Buy Cheap Swtor Credits on Sw-tor-credits for Swtor Season 7

    Time: 09/21/16

    Swtor Season 7 is coming soon! Time to make full preparation for it. As the old saying goes, forewarned is forearmed. In order to get more benefits in Swtor Season 7, you'd better buy cheap swtor credits ahead on sw-tor-credits. Reminder that Swtor Season 7 is coming close Swtor Season 7 is coming to close this Fall with Knights of the Eternal Throne. Giradda the Hutt and Baron Deathmark appreciated the entertainment...

  • Sw-tor-credits Announcement on Sep 21

    Time: 09/20/16

    We feel sorry to announce that there will be a group activity on our company. So all sw-tor-credits staff will leave from 11:00PM on Sep 20 GMT to 12:00PM on Sep 21, 2016 GMT. During this period, you can still place order on our site as usual. Once we are back to work, we will process your order ASAP. Awfully sorry for the inconvenience again. The Sw-tor-credits Team

  • Promo 3 of Swtor Knights: 9% Off for Buying Swtor Credits on Sw-tor-credits

    Time: 09/18/16

    Great news, guys! Promos for Swtor Knights 3 is coming soon. 9% discount code will be available to buy swtor cheap credits on Sw-tor-credits until October 7. Are you particularly expecting to get the discount? Just follow us now!When can you get the 9% off on Sw-tor-credits?9% discount code will be available from Sept 21 to Oct 7,2016. How to receive 9% off on Sw-tor-credits during Promos for Swtor Knights 3?1. You...

  • Best Place to Buy Swtor Credits for Swtor Game Update

    Time: 09/13/16

    According to the latest news, Swtor has some updates. Almost after each update, players need to buy swtor credits in their new adventure. The importance of gold swtor is self-evident. However some busy guys cannot farm it for lack of time and energy. There comes a question that how can you choose a reliable site. Here we would like to recommend sw-tor-credits. It is a safe place. Sw-tor-credits offers swtor credits with...

  • Buying Credits for Swtor on Sw-tor-credits without Any Risk

    Time: 09/05/16

    If you are one of the diehard fans and players of swtor that have been looking everywhere to purchase credits for swtor, then you can put an end to your search as your have just landed on the right place. Sw-tor-credits as a reliable and trustworthy credits for swtor seller will never let you down. Buying credits for swtor with rational price on sw-tor-credits There are all kinds of sites offering swtor...

  • Swtor Credits Promos for Knights: 4X Reward Points and 6%-10% Free Bonus

    Time: 08/31/16

    Want to enjoy an epic promotion to gather Swtor Credits cheap for Knights of the Fallen Empire and the coming Knights of the Eternal Throne? Here is the chance on Sw-tor-credits: Promo for Knights: 4X Reward Points and 6%-10% Free Bonus. When will the first round of Promo for Swtor Knights begin? It runs from Sep. 5 – Sep. 18, 2016 GMT. What can you benefit from the first round of Promo...

  • Enjoy Sw-tor-credits Summer Fun: 4X Reward Points and 9% off for Swtor Credits

    Time: 08/17/16

    Hi guys, good news! To celebrate the release of Swtor Chapter 16: The Battle of Odessen, we offer the last round of Summer Fun: 4X reward points for members and 9% off sale for all products on Sw-tor-credits. When can you enjoy Sw-tor-credits Summer Fun? Sw-tor-credits Summer Fun will run from Aug. 22 to Aug. 31, 2016 GMT. What will you benefit from Sw-tor-credits Summer Fun? 1. During the activity time, just...

  • Exclusive Summer Offer on Sw-tor-credits: Up to 10% Bonus for Swtor Credits

    Time: 07/29/16

    Looking for a truly epic gift this holiday season? Gain the exclusive gift of Swtor Credits and you can reach Legendary status with your friends and family. Starting next Wednesday, you’ll be able to gain up to 10% Bonus for your buying Swtor Credits here. How long will the activity last? The Summer Offer will be last Aug. 3 to Aug. 18, 2016 GMT. How can you enjoy extra 6% to 10%...

  • Knights of the Eternal Throne Revealed: Prepare with Cheap Swtor Credits

    Time: 07/18/16

    Shocking news for all SWTOR fans! James Ohlen, who is the Director of Design for BioWare, announced a brand new digital expansion coming this fall, Knights of the Eternal Throne. It can also help SWTOR coming 5-year anniversary become more valuable. Are you appealing to this new expansion in Star Wars: The Old Republic? Remember to buy cheap Swtor Credits on Sw-tor-credits to make early preparation. Details about Knights of the Eternal...

  • Summer Sale: 10% Discount for All Products on Sw-tor-credits

    Time: 07/14/16

    Summer Fun on Sw-tor-credits is in full swing. And things are heating up at July with our next sizzling and hot Summer Sale: 10% OffSalefor Swtor Credits. If you take chance, you will be able to buy credits for swtor at the lowest price and satisfying customer service. When will it begin? It runs from July 21 to Aug. 1, 2016 GMT.  How you can benefit most from the Summer Sale?  When...

  • Why Sw-tor-credits Is the Best Place 2016 to Buy Cheap Swtor Credits?

    Time: 07/13/16

    Have you ever failed to find the best website to buy cheap Swtor Credits for your game enjoy? Why not come to Sw-tor-credits? We are devoted to provide you safe and lowest-priced Swtoe Credits with fast delivery and more. There are some reasons why you should buy Swtor Credits from Sw-tor-credits. Swtor Credits is hand-made on our site. When you buy Swtor Credits on the site, you must worry about the safety...

  • 2016 Summer Promo: Free 5% - 10% Swtor Credits Bonus on Sw-tor-credits

    Time: 06/23/16

    Hey, guys! Along with the coming of 2016 Hot Summer, the Dark vs Light event is approaching on June 28 with abundant Galactic Rewards. For the purpose of helping you spend a pleasant summer with victory of the Dark vs Light event, Sw-tor-credits will give away up to 10% free credits swtor bonus for you. Welcome! How long will the activity last?The Summer Promo will be from July 1st to July 20th,...

  • 50% Off & New Packs in SWTOR Cartel Market Weekly Sale June 21-28

    Time: 06/22/16

    Hello, players in SWTOR! Have you ever been put off by the high prices of packs in Cartel Market? Now here comes a piece of good news! Today BioWare made some changes in Cartel Market. They added some new items and deleted some other items. What’s more, some items’ prices are decreased, and some are increased. By the way, Sw-tor-credits will offer free 5%-10% swtor credits bonus from July 1 to July 20,...

  • 3 Big Events of SWTOR Happening in July with Cheapest Swtor Credits

    Time: 06/14/16

    Hey, guys in SWTOR! As we all know, both Chapter 14: Mandalore’s Revenge and Chapter 15: GEMINI Deception is live in June. Are you curious about what will happen in July? There will be 3 big events of SWTOR happening in next moth, Dark Side vs Light Side event, Swtor Community Cantina Tour and release of chapter 16. Welcome to Sw-tor-credits to get more specific information about them and buy cheap swtor...

  • SWTOR Chapter 15: GEMINI Deception is Coming on June 28

    Time: 06/08/16

    Hello, SWTOR fans! Have you enjoyed playing the Chapter 14: Mandalore’s Revenge yet? Are you looking for a new Chapter of Swtor? BioWare just announced that the next Chapter in KOTFE, GEMINI Deception, is coming soon. The details of chapter 15 have also been announced. Here, Sw-tor-credits, best place to buy swtor credits, gives you an overall commentary of the newest Chapter. Prepare to play on June 30The latest chapter: GEMINI Deception...

  • Father’s Day Sale: Up to $10 Coupons for Swtor Credits in Sw-tor-credits

    Time: 06/07/16

    Hello, dear customers in Sw-tor-credits! 2016 Father’s Day is approaching! In order to celebrate the Father’s Day, Sw-tor-credits  will hold an activity with up to $10 coupons for swtor buying credits. Welcome to join in us! How long will the activity last?The activity will last from June 18th to June 24th, 2016 GMT. Who will be able to join in the activity?No matter whether you are an regular customer or not, all of...

  • Chapter 14 Promo II: 10% Off Code for Swtor Credits on Sw-tor-credits

    Time: 05/24/16

    Hello, players in SWTOR! The Chapter 14: Mandalore’s Revenge in KOTFE will be available to join in on June 3rd. Can you buy credits for swtor with the cheapest price? The answer absolutely is “Yes”! To celebrate the coming of Mandalore’s Revenge, along with the Chapter 14 Promo: up to $10 free coupons, Sw-tor-credits will also offer a 10% off code for all orders in Sw-tor-credits. Welcome to have fun with us!...

  • Chapter 14 Promo: Up to $10 Coupons for Swtor Credits on Sw-tor-credits

    Time: 05/18/16

    Hello, dear customers in Sw-tor-credits! The chapter 14, Mandalore’s Revenge in KOTFE is coming soon. In order to help you make good preparation for the next chapter, and express deep appreciation for your long-term support, Sw-tor-credits will hold an activity with up to $10 coupons for swtor buying credits. Welcome to join in us! How long will the activity last?The activity will last from May 26th to June 3rd, 2016 GMT. Who...

  • Torian Cadera Will Return with Mandalore's Revenge on June 3

    Time: 05/18/16

    Today BioWare announced in Twitter that along with the coming Mandalore's Revenge, the Bounty Hunter's loyal friend, Torian Cadera will return on June 3. Many new players may have no idea about him, so Sw-tor-credits will give you a brief introduction of him. Who is Torian Cadera?Torian Cadera is a Human male companion for the Bounty Hunter character class in Swtor. He is a romance option for the female bounty hunter. If...

  • SWTOR Login Service Unavailable & Cartel Coins Gone for Two Hours

    Time: 05/10/16

    Hey, guys in Swtor! Are you be able to login the Swtor and enjoy playing now? Just now, there were something wrong in Swtor. Most players could not log in the official client, website and the game. Fortunately, BioWare fixed the issue after two hours. Here, Sw-tor-credits, the best place for buying credits for swtor, helps you analyze the whole issue. Login service and Cartel Coins disappearedDuring the two hours, Login server...

  • Double Offers During Mother’s Day: 8% off Swtor Credits & 3X Reward Points

    Time: 05/02/16

    Hello, guys! What will you do for your dear mum on Mother’s day? Will you buy some carnations for your mum? On that warm and sweet day, Sw-tor-credits will hold Mother’s Day Sale for all the customers to buy swtor credits online with double benefits. Here is the detailed information. How long will the activity last?The Mother’s Day Sale will last from May 7th to May 16th, 2016 GMT. What benefits will...

  • Guide to Rank the Story Line of Legendary in Swtor on Sw-tor-credits

    Time: 04/22/16

    Hi, Legendary of Swtor players! Are you confused about the story line of Legendary in Swtor? Sw-tor-credits, which is a professional supplier of cheap swtor credits with fast and safe delivery, tells you how to rank the story line of Legendary in Swtor. Because different players have different rank styles, there are many ranks of the story line. Here we just list three rank styles. 1. Fun story lineIf you prefer a...

  • Price of Character Transfers Increases to 1000CC on April 26

    Time: 04/20/16

    Hey swtor players! In the past, in order to launch the Fallen Empire and accommodate players who were interested in transferring characters to join their friends who were returning to or joining the game, BioWare greatly reduced the cost of Character Transfers from 1,800 CC down to 90 CC. However, it was a limited time offer which will be coming to an end. When will it change price?The change is coming on...

  • Chapter 13: Profit and Plunder of Swtor is Coming on May 3rd

    Time: 04/15/16

    Hi, players of Swtor! Have you enjoyed playing the chapter 12, the Visions in the Dark? Are you looking for a new chapter of Swtor? BioWare just announced that the chapter 13, the Profit and Plunder, in the episodic storyline of Swtor - Knights of the Fallen Empire, is coming soon. When will the chapter 13 be available?The Profit and Plunder chapter will be available on May 5. If you subscribe to...

  • Bioware Decided to Punish Players who Abuse Squelch System in SWTOR

    Time: 03/22/16

    Recently, Bioware has updated a post on official SWTOR forum with regard to the squelch abuse that performed by some guilds, clearly indicating that warning, suspension or even more heavier punishments would be delivered if people continue the abuse. What happened to Squelch System? The squelch system in Swtor has been implemented for some time. It is a useful addition that, on the one hand, avoids filling up players /ignore list, and...

  • Buy 10% Off Swtor Credits in April Fool’s Day Sale for Visions in the Dark

    Time: 03/17/16

    Hello guys, with April is approaching, we will usher in a notable day that celebrated in many countries - April Fool’s Day on April 1, and also meet Swtor Kotfe Chapter 12 - Visions in the Dark on April 7. To celebrate the popular day and help players enjoy new chapter, Sw-tor-credits will offer really cheap swtor credits with 10% off discount starting on March 28. Stay tuned and join in us! 10%...

  • Swtor Kotfe Chapter 12 Early Access on April 5, New Subscriber Rewards Revealed

    Time: 03/11/16

    Before Swtor Knights of the Fallen Empire launched its’ chapter 11, Disavowed on March 10, Bioware had made a developers’ livestream, covering the cartel market pack, standing mount and Havoc armor that come with chapter 11, as well as the release date of chapter 12, the April subscriber rewards, the concerned Eternal Championship, and many more! Chapter 11 releases with new companion and new story On March 10, the chapter 11 of...