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I'm buying swtor credits here for few times. The customer service is very great.

user Mar 15, 2017 - Samuel King

Fast cheap credits for swtor for me. Received in 10 minutes. Will come back again.

user Feb 27, 2017 - Mark Tien

Buy swtor gold for the first time, the order was completed very quickly. Good job!

user Feb 15, 2017 - Vernon

Every time I buy cheap swtor credits from this site, they are quick and efficient. Highly recommend it!

user Feb 8, 2017 - Anselm

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Home / Sw-tor-credits news / 50% Off & New Packs in SWTOR Cartel Market Weekly Sale June 21-28

50% Off & New Packs in SWTOR Cartel Market Weekly Sale June 21-28

Time: 06/22/16

Hello, players in SWTOR! Have you ever been put off by the high prices of packs in Cartel Market? Now here comes a piece of good news! Today BioWare made some changes in Cartel Market. They added some new items and deleted some other items. What’s more, some items’ prices are decreased, and some are increased. By the way, Sw-tor-credits will offer free 5%-10% swtor credits bonus from July 1 to July 20, 2016. Welcome to join in us!

swtor cartel market sale

How long will the activity last?
The Cartel Market weekly sale will be available by June 28, 2016.

What items are newly added?
The Old Republic added Grand Titles Pack and Grand Companion Customizations Pack into Cartel Market again. Both of their prices are 75CC.

How much have prices changed?
By June 28, four items are half-priced for all of you in Cartel Market. However, some items are no long on sale from now on. Their prices are changed to original prices. You can check the changes in the following form.

Price Change Old Price New Price Percent Change Normal Price
Species Unlock: Togruta 600 300 -50% 525
Dejarik Table 80 40 -50% 80
Appearance Option: Double Braids 100 50 -50% 100
Weekly Pass: Warzones 240 120 -50% 210
Luxury Bed (Black) 55 110 +100% 110
Galactic Trade Network (Wall) 60 120 +100% 120
Appearance Option: Pompadour 50 100 +100% 100

Although, the Old Republic removed some packs, and some packs are no longer available, it’s still a good chance to purchase the half-priced items and new packs. At the same time, welcome to Sw-tor-credits for swtor credit buying. Have fun!

The Sw-tor-crerdits Team

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