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Home / Sw-tor-credits news / Bioware Decided to Punish Players who Abuse Squelch System in SWTOR

Bioware Decided to Punish Players who Abuse Squelch System in SWTOR

Time: 03/22/16

Recently, Bioware has updated a post on official SWTOR forum with regard to the squelch abuse that performed by some guilds, clearly indicating that warning, suspension or even more heavier punishments would be delivered if people continue the abuse.

What happened to Squelch System?

The squelch system in Swtor has been implemented for some time. It is a useful addition that, on the one hand, avoids filling up players /ignore list, and on another hand, gets swtor credit sellers out of chat. But most recently, the squelch system has been abused by some guilds who target individual players or anyone in a rival Guild and deliberately impacting their game play.

How Bioware fight against the abuse?

Bioware has clearly indicated that they will take actions to fight against the abuse on useful system. There might be warnings, suspension, or account closure punishments based on the severity of the abuse. What’s more, they will be particularly tough on Guild Masters and Guild Officers for coordinating and joining in the abuse. Or even if they just simply do not stop their Guild members from abusing, they will still be punished.

What should you do if you were targeted by abuser?

As the official is still on the way to solve the issue, the abuse might not stop immediately. Bioware kindly advises that if any one is suffered by the abuse, never retaliate, otherwise you will make yourself one of the abusers and risk your account being punished. Instead, you can file a detailed report with Customer Support if you find someone do this thing. The official team will investigate and take the necessary action(s).

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