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Home / Sw-tor-credits news / Chapter 13: Profit and Plunder of Swtor is Coming on May 3rd

Chapter 13: Profit and Plunder of Swtor is Coming on May 3rd

Time: 04/15/16

Hi, players of Swtor! Have you enjoyed playing the chapter 12, the Visions in the Dark? Are you looking for a new chapter of Swtor? BioWare just announced that the chapter 13, the Profit and Plunder, in the episodic storyline of Swtor - Knights of the Fallen Empire, is coming soon.

When will the chapter 13 be available?
The Profit and Plunder chapter will be available on May 5. If you subscribe to the game on May 1, you can get 2-day early access to chapter 13 on May 3. But to get early access, you must be an active subscriber on May 1st and on the day that early access opens.

What is the content of the chapter 13?
In the newest chapter in Knights of the Fallen Empire, the Outlander has an opportunity to turn the tides against the Eternal Empire in a clandestine heist to plunder Arcann’s secret treasury. Players could partner with the galaxy’s most infamous thieves: the suave Bounty Hunter, Gault Rennow, and the female Twi’lek pirate, Vette when they are in a high-risk mission to recover the Eternal Empire’s vast riches. You must prepare to risk everything as you embark on a covert mission against all odds to take back the Empire’s stolen wealth!

What are subscribers’ benefits?
Subscribers of Swtor can join and play Knights of the Fallen Empire from Chapter 1 to the current chapter, Visions in the Dark, for free. What’s more, as part of the Subscriber Rewards Program, players subscribed by May 1 will also receive a special HK-55 Ship Droid customization reward. Then you could customize your Ship Droids, both 2V-R8 and C2-N2, with the HK-55’s gold and black color pattern.
Plus, you will face the most notorious and skilled warriors Zakuul, and earn exciting rewards.

A new chapter requires more courage and skill as you progress. In order to offer you a lot of fun with the new chapter, Sw-tor-credits will launch series discount activities for you to buy cheap swtor credits. Have fun!

The Sw-tor-credits Team

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