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Guide to Rank the Story Line of Legendary in Swtor on Sw-tor-credits

Time: 04/22/16

Hi, Legendary of Swtor players! Are you confused about the story line of Legendary in Swtor? Sw-tor-credits, which is a professional supplier of cheap swtor credits with fast and safe delivery, tells you how to rank the story line of Legendary in Swtor. Because different players have different rank styles, there are many ranks of the story line. Here we just list three rank styles.

1. Fun story line
If you prefer a fun story or gameplay over a deep serious story in Swtor, you can rank the story line in this way: Inquisitor > Trooper > Bounty Hunter > Smuggler > Consular > Knight > Warrior > Agent.
The first 6 are really close together at the top. The Warrior is pretty good in dialogue and such like the first 6, but it felt like a slog in gameplay and story until chapter 3, so some players have a hard time ranking it any higher.

2. Dark Side story line
If you are Dark Side force wielder, your story line could be in this type: Inquisitor > Warrior > Agent > Knight > Hunter > Consular > Smuggler > Trooper.
The Inquisitor story is a rise to power story with a lot of lore and mysteries. The characters ARE interesting and the story IS sarcastic and dry. Unlike the warrior, it's more removed from the front lines.

3. Heroic story line
If you would like a heroic or easy going way, you could rank your story line like this: Knight > Smuggler > Agent > Hunter > Consular > Warrior > Inquisitor > Trooper.
The Knight story is a classic hero story, and the Trooper story is all about increasing your inner rage without giving you the satisfaction of revenge or justice.

We hope these three suggestions above could guide you rank a suitable story line of Legendary in Swtor. And, if you want to buy cheap credits for Swtor, just come to Sw-tor-credits. We offers best service of cheap Swtor credits, fast delivery and safe transaction. Welcome!

The Sw-tor-credits Team

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