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I'm buying swtor credits here for few times. The customer service is very great.

user Mar 15, 2017 - Samuel King

Fast cheap credits for swtor for me. Received in 10 minutes. Will come back again.

user Feb 27, 2017 - Mark Tien

Buy swtor gold for the first time, the order was completed very quickly. Good job!

user Feb 15, 2017 - Vernon

Every time I buy cheap swtor credits from this site, they are quick and efficient. Highly recommend it!

user Feb 8, 2017 - Anselm

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Home / Sw-tor-credits news / New Year, New Membership: 2x Reward Points for Sw-tor-credits Members

New Year, New Membership: 2x Reward Points for Sw-tor-credits Members

Time: 12/30/16

Huge news! New member system has been launched on Sw-tor-credits. That means, more privileges and  special offers will be able to give out only for members. And the first special offers to Sw-tor-credits members – 2x reward points – will hit the shelves from Jan 9 to 16, 2017. 

Double Reward Points available in a limited time

From January 9 to January 16, 2017, we will host Double Reward Points for members. That is to say, as long as you log in your Sw-tor-credits account and buy swtor credits during the event, you will get twice as many reward points as usual. For example, usually when you spend $50 on our site, you obtain 50 reward points. But during the event, you will obtain 100 reward points when you spend $50. 

What role will the reward points play for Sw-tor-credits members? 

If you were a Sw-tor-credits member, you may know that the reward point as a privilege for members can be used as cash in purchases. How to get more reward points on Sw-tor-credits?

1. Everyone registering to be a Sw-tor-credits member successfully can get rewarded 100 reward points. 

2. Extra 10 reward points are for those singing in each day. 

3. Every time you log in your Sw-tor-credits and buy something from our site, you will obtain the corresponding reward points. Usually you spend $50 as a member, and you will get 50 reward points in your account. With 2x reward points event, you will get 100 points if you spend $50. Certainly, the exchange between the consumption and the reward points you get is based on US dollars. 

Benefits with Sw-tor-credits new member system

If you are a regular customer of Sw-tor-credits, you may have found that the brand new member system has been available on our site. With its release, it is more convenient for members to manage the orders and easier to get some special offers. 

1. You can track and review all your orders on Sw-tor-credits, whichever it is completed, paid, or unpaid. Moreover, if it is unpaid, you can find it out on your member center and pay it now. 

2. We will host Swtor Credits Giveaways or other more only for members, along with X times reward points. 


1. If you are not a Sw-tor-credits member, you can register it now, and it only needs one minute. 

2. If you registered one before November 2016, we are sorry to tell you that all info has been reset for the system upgraded. Please recover the password. 

As is the tradition, each 100 reward points can be used as $1 on our site. So 2x event should be the best chance to earn reward points on Sw-tor-credits. Seize the chance to buy swtor credits and obtain double reward points for further use! 

The Sw-tor-credits Team

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