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I'm buying swtor credits here for few times. The customer service is very great.

user Mar 15, 2017 - Samuel King

Fast cheap credits for swtor for me. Received in 10 minutes. Will come back again.

user Feb 27, 2017 - Mark Tien

Buy swtor gold for the first time, the order was completed very quickly. Good job!

user Feb 15, 2017 - Vernon

Every time I buy cheap swtor credits from this site, they are quick and efficient. Highly recommend it!

user Feb 8, 2017 - Anselm

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Home / Sw-tor-credits news / 2016 Summer Promo: Free 5% - 10% Swtor Credits Bonus on Sw-tor-credits

2016 Summer Promo: Free 5% - 10% Swtor Credits Bonus on Sw-tor-credits

Time: 06/23/16

Hey, guys! Along with the coming of 2016 Hot Summer, the Dark vs Light event is approaching on June 28 with abundant Galactic Rewards. For the purpose of helping you spend a pleasant summer with victory of the Dark vs Light event, Sw-tor-credits will give away up to 10% free credits swtor bonus for you. Welcome!

How long will the activity last?
The Summer Promo will be from July 1st to July 20th, 2016 GMT.

Who can join in the active?
Whether you are a regular customer or not, you are available to get bonus for Swtor Credits during Summer Promo.

How much bonus will you get?
Sw-tor-credits will offer free 5%-10% swtor credits bonus when your swtor credits is more than 20000K. At the same time, the 8% off code "CHEAPSW8" can also be used when you are paying in shopping cart. That means you will get double discount.
Free 5% bonus: 20M Swtor Credits + free 1000K, 30M Swtor Credits + free 1500K, 35M Swtor Credits + free 1750K.
Free 6% bonus: 40M Swtor Credits + free 2400K, 50M Swtor Credits + free 3000K.
Free 7% bonus: 60M Swtor Credits + free 4200K, 70M Swtor Credits + free 4900K.
Free 8% bonus: 80M Swtor Credits + free 6400K, 90M Swtor Credits + free 7200K.
Free 9% bonus: 100M Swtor Credits + free 9000K, 150M Swtor Credits + free 13500K.
Free 10% bonus: 200M Swtor Credits + free 20000K, 300M Swtor Credits + free 30000K.

1. The free Swtor Credits bonus will be added into swtor credits automatically, and we won’t send it to you once more.
2. The bigger order you make, the more free swtor credits bonus you will get.

The Sw-tor-credits’ 2016 Summer Promo and SWTOR Dark Side vs Light Side are live soon. Hurry up to buy swtor credit from us and win the new brand companion! Have fun!

The Sw-tor-credits Team

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