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Home / Sw-tor-credits news / Swtor Kotfe Chapter 12 Early Access on April 5, New Subscriber Rewards Revealed

Swtor Kotfe Chapter 12 Early Access on April 5, New Subscriber Rewards Revealed

Time: 03/11/16

Before Swtor Knights of the Fallen Empire launched its’ chapter 11, Disavowed on March 10, Bioware had made a developers’ livestream, covering the cartel market pack, standing mount and Havoc armor that come with chapter 11, as well as the release date of chapter 12, the April subscriber rewards, the concerned Eternal Championship, and many more!

Chapter 11 releases with new companion and new story

On March 10, the chapter 11 of the Star Wars: The Old Republic - Knights of the Fallen update has gone live. Called "Disavowed", the content includes a new Trooper companion called Major Jorgan and a new story arc for players to experience. As for the original companions, Bioware told that “they need to be tied to the story, their return need to matter”. Kinda pity, fortunately there are still things to do and to gain - New Disavowed Cartel Market Pack has been also live to offer what you need. Stock some cartel coins and cheap swtor credits to get the items you want now. Then, begin your exploration by venturing deep into enemy territory and changing the course of war.

Kotfe Chapter 12:Vision in the Dark will go alive on April 7

At the end of last month, Bioware had updated a patch note for swtor update 4.3. And now we have known that chapter 12,Vision in the Dark will live on April 7. According to the livestream, when update 4.3 (also the early access of chapter 12) releases on April 5, Warzone will be available to all players (both F2P and subscribers). What’s more, Swtor update 4.3 will allow PVP and PVE lovers to play together! Well, it is not long awaits, and now what you need to do would be to buy cheapest swtor credits!

April subscriber rewards: HK-55 weapon set & early access

As usual, the next month’s subscriber rewards are two-day earlier access and some HK-55 themed items. April will feature a HK-55 weapon set that includes Sniper rifle, blaster pistol, and vibrosword. As a “dead” character, the return of HK-55 has made many players excited. But Bioware won’t offer only these rewards to HK-55 lovers. You will get a chance to play as HK-55 in the bonus chapter after you have subscribed the whole time and received all of the HK rewards.

On top of the information above, the livestream also informs that the launch date of the anticipated Eternal Championship will be announced next Producer stream in 4 weeks or beforehand. Stay tuned, and buy cheapest swtor credits on sw-tor-credits to enjoy chapter 11 now!

The Sw-tor-credits Team

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