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Home / Sw-tor-credits news / SWTOR Login Service Unavailable & Cartel Coins Gone for Two Hours

SWTOR Login Service Unavailable & Cartel Coins Gone for Two Hours

Time: 05/10/16

Hey, guys in Swtor! Are you be able to login the Swtor and enjoy playing now? Just now, there were something wrong in Swtor. Most players could not log in the official client, website and the game. Fortunately, BioWare fixed the issue after two hours. Here, Sw-tor-credits, the best place for buying credits for swtor, helps you analyze the whole issue.

Login service and Cartel Coins disappeared
During the two hours, Login server was down. Players can no longer log in even the homepage of the Swtor website. The Cartel Market was also acting up. Many players’ Cartel Coins were all gone. Their collections window showed they were having 0 or negative balance of cartel coins.

BioWare solved the problem two hours later
Finally, BioWare fixed the login issues that players experienced two hour later. Now Logins are once again becoming available. The Login works yes, and server list is appearing.

No official explanations to this issue
BioWare didn’t give any explanation to this issue. Some players guessed that it happened when BioWare banned PvP hackers. Some players guessed that it was related to something with the Security keys.

Players wanted to extend Double XP as a compensation
Although BioWare solved the problem at last, they took over 90 minutes to notice the problem and fixed the issue two hours later.
As it was on the last day of Double XP and the 50% off collections sale, lots of players wanted to do more play with the bonus XP. Unfortunately, they were being locked out of game-play and had missed over two hours. They asked BioWare to extend Double XP and the 50% off on collections unlocks, or give some other compensation for the inconvenience. However, BioWare won’t let it get extended.

No matter what made Login Service unavailable, BioWare solved the problem at last, and no big losses has been made. What’s more, Sw-tor-credits is always here with best service. We offers swtor cheap credits 24 hours a day, 7days a week. Welcome and have fun!

The Sw-tor-credits Team

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